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Connecting Ditto with your Ethereum dApps

Step 1: Create a Niomon Developer Account


Niomon is currently in closed beta. If you don't have access, you can request it using the beta sign-up form.

  1. Sign in with your email address at
  2. Register a new tenant.
  3. From the Ditto tab in Niomon Admin Console, create a new Application.
  4. Copy your Ditto Application's appId.

Step 2: Install Niomon JS SDK

Using NPM

npm install --save @niomon/niomon-js

Using Yarn

yarn add @niomon/niomon-js

Step 3: Set up Ditto Ethereum Provider

import {ditto} from "@niomon/niomon-js";

const dittoProvider = new ditto.EthereumProvider({
appId: "appId",
network: "ethereum",
infuraId: "infuraId",

// Trigger sign in flow
await provider.enable();

Step 4: Using Ditto Ethereum Provider

Ditto Ethereum Provider is compatible with web3.js and ethers.js.


import Web3 from "web3";

const web3 = new Web3(dittoProvider);

// Get addresses
const addresses = await web3.eth.getAccounts();


import { ethers } from "ethers";

const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(dittoProvider);
const signer = provider.getSigner();

// Get addresses
const address = await signer.getAddress();

Next Steps

🔥 Well done! Your users can now sign in with Ditto using email addresses, and create crypto wallets without dealing with seed phrases.

To learn more, check out:

📖 Niomon SDK for Web API Reference