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Welcome to Niomon Developer Docs

We are happy to see you here! This developer website contains technical references for our products and instructions to get started.

What is Niomon

Niomon is a secure authentication infrastructure for Web3. We want to make it incredibly easy for everyday users to use Web3 decentralized identities and crypto. Developers can use our suite of APIs and SDKs to integrate wallet-based logins and self-custodial crypto wallet functions into any application (both centralized or decentralized architecture). With Niomon, you can easily onboard users new to crypto in seconds.

Closed beta

Niomon is in closed beta. While Niomon is ready for production deployment, we want to focus our resources on supporting a targeted group of customers. Hence, sign-up is currently limited. As we are constantly improving our products, your comments and criticisms are very important to us. Please reach out to us at any time to provide your feedback.

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Product suite


Niomon Auth allows you to build frictionless and secure authentication flows supporting Email/SMS passcodes, social logins, and Web3 wallets. Supports Sign in with Ethereum (EIP-4361) and gating access by NFT ownership.

Wallet Kit

Wallet Kit is a crypto wallet infrastructure consisting of a non-custodial key management system, adapters supporting most blockchains, and a customizable wallet UI SDKs. With Wallet Kit, you can build an app with an internal wallet or a complete wallet app with a few lines of code.


Ditto is a fun multi-chain crypto wallet built on top of Wallet Kit. It focuses on everyday users and Web3 gaming, helping apps and games developers onboard users new to crypto. Also, Ditto Wallet allows users to buy tokens and NFTs using Apple Pay or debit cards.

NFT Checkout

NFT checkout with Apple Pay or cards. Make NFTs accessible to mainstream audiences with a fast & simple checkout solution.

Where to find us

We are here to help! Reach out to us at any time for support, questions, issues, or product ideas.

Getting Started