Interface TransferTokenTransactionRequest<F, T>

Transfer token request is a request that can transfer token to another wallet. Contract token and native token are specified in the same way.

Type Parameters


  • TransferTokenTransactionRequest


amount: BigNumber

The amount of native token to be sent.

contractInteraction?: ContractInteraction

Properties for contract interaction.

This is not required for transferring a contract token. In the case that native token is required for the transfer, specify contract interaction with amount required.

When decoding a transaction, this property will be populated with ContractInteraction.

from?: string

The sender address of the transaction. This is optional.

inner?: null | T

Network-specific transaction request. If you do not specify one, it will be populated for you.

network: string

The network where this transaction will be submitted to.

to: string

The recipient address of the transaction.

token: F

The token that is to be sent. The token's network must match that of the transaction request.

The type of the transaction.

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